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Injury Prevention

Running is not without its occasional hiccups. Here are details on common runner ailments, how to treat them, and how to prevent them. The Injury descriptions here are not meant to be taken as diagnosis, they are only meant as a step in the right direction to learning more about what your injury possibly could be. If an injury includes out of the ordinary sharp or stabbing pains definitely back off and rest. 

Pain in the heel and through the arch, may be worst when stepping our of bed in the morning.

Pain or dull ache in the side of the knee that does not subside throughout activity. 

Pain between heel and calf, worst in morning or after long period of sitting.

Pain in the ball of the foot, feels like stepping on a small rock.

Inflammation of big to joint with pain and tenderness, pointing of big toe inwards.

Tightness in gluteals and back of legs that leads to pain running down the back of the leg

Can vary from dull to sharp pain in the back of the leg. 

Pain under or around the kneecap

Throbbing or aching along the front of the lower leg

If your injury is still bothering you after these self-remedies make sure you seek a medical professional. Remember, it's always more important to be able to continue running in the future than risk debilitating injury now.